March 1, 2010

Oak Smoked Stoneground Flour

packsOrganic flour producer Bacheldre Watermill is spearheading innovation in the flour market with the launch of its new Oak Smoked Stoneground Strong Malted Blend  flour.  Combining their artisan skills, Bacheldre Watermill has collaborated with “The Organic Smokehouse”, to create a premium traditionally stoneground flour, made unique by the smoking process.

Bacheldre’s new Flour is made with their existing award winning Organic Stoneground Strong Malted Blend Flour[1] and given a distinctive twist. The malted wheat flakes from the mill are cold smoked over locally sourced oak chippings for 18 hours in the smokehouse. These are then gently mixed with the Organic Stoneground Malted Blend Flour to Bacheldre’s secret recipe.

Matt Scott, co-owner and founder of Bacheldre Watermill, comments, “The oak chippings infuse the specially malted wheat flakes with a delicious smokiness, the flavours work  really well. The slow cold smoking process infuses a sweet wood-smoked aroma and taste that is reminiscent of bread being baked in a wood fired oven. The bread baked is delicious and is great just with butter, it also makes an excellent smoky pizza base”

The flour is then packaged very stylishly in a black bag with a warming picture of baking bread in a wood fired oven, with recipes on the back for making bread by hand or by machine. The packaging is all home compostable and fully sustainable. ‘It  certainly stands out as something special in the flour category, and it is!!’ Says Matt Scott

Bacheldre Watermill, situated in Wales, produces a range of organic, traditionally ground flours using carefully sourced wheat and traditional grinding stones to retain all the natural flavours, and goodness of the wheatgerm. Their flour range includes traditional stoneground wholemeal, organic stoneground spelt, organic stoneground rye flour and organic stoneground malted blend flour.

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