March 1, 2010

Bacheldre Watermill Baking Kits

boxesThese Kits have been developed so the whole family can enjoy baking from scratch with the convenience of having just the right amount of ingredients supplied to make a fresh batch every time

Gromit’s Smashing Pizza

We have developed these organic pizza kits with cracking stoneground flour, organic yeast and Gromit’s favourite pizza sauce with tomatoes & herbs.

Creating a pizza at home is an incredibly easy task and cracking good fun and you will create a pizza that is so much better than anything you can buy as it will have your favourite toppings.

Wallace’s Cracking Cookies

One of Top Buns latest recipes and a favourite of Gromit’s, Spelt and Oats Cookies, they are delicious!!

Spelt is an ancient relative of modern wheat with a delicious and distinctive nutty, wheaty flavour. Spelt has excellent properties, including a fragile gluten that allow it to be easily digested.  Oats are a delicious source of wholegrain and are nature’s way to lower cholesterol.

Organic Baking Powder has been also been provided to complete the rest of the kit, it also does not contain phosphate.

Gromit’s Golden Bread Kit

There is nothing better than freshly baked bread especially when you’ve made it yourself!  Make a delicious loaf or tasty rolls for pack lunches or picnics.   Using the best ingredients of stoneground flour, organic yeast and sugar creates a natural loaf ever time.

There are kneading instructions inside to help you create a cracking good loaf.

Wallace’s Double Chocolate Muffin Kit

Wallace’s favourite double choc muffins are a smashing and indulgent treat.

Muffins are a deliciously moist cake which are quick and easy to make and will vanish even quicker.  Wallace has made sure that the muffins have a generous helping of choc chips.  These muffins are filling and satisfying and will stave off any hunger pangs for a good while!

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