3 Pre-Date Grooming Tips That Landed Me Successful Dates

With countless dating apps to choose from, limitless Internet keeping you homebound and fast food delivery services, it does not take much to see why we are getting more and more detached from real human interaction.

This human interaction also falls under the dating scene. Fewer people are willing to stick their necks out in fear from being rejected, but ironically, are more comfortable with being rejected online?

We forget that rejection is a part of life and what builds us a back bone so that we can keep trying until we are successful.

My Ex-Girlfriend Saga

As a bachelor for 3 years, I confined myself in the comfort of my own home after my girlfriend of 5 years broke up with me… and I took it personally.

Only recently it made sense to me that my ex couldn’t help the way she felt and she needed to do what made her happy. Besides, would I really be happy being with a girl that didn’t love me back?

Looking at it now, I think it was my ego that was bruised and not the fact I was losing the “love of my life”.


Parts of the reasons she left was because she felt I was getting to comfortable with myself.

At the time, I did not really understand what that meant. I thought she may have thought that after work I was a little lazy and sat on the sofa, possibly not helping around the house as much as I should.

It then dawned on me after looking at some old photographs what she meant.

Here I was standing next to a slim, curvaceous sexy woman, well put together, with a beaming white smile, and next to her was this flabby, hunch over scruffy man that hadn’t saved or cut his hair in years… it really was one of those moments where you thought “how did he get her?”

Shaping Up My Life Post Break Up

It became apparent that my ex wanted a man that took care of himself and it wasn’t because image was important to her. It was because if I could not take care of myself, how would I take care of our children? No woman wants a man whose only interest is searching the internet for the best scuba fins for the next up and coming holiday

That’s when I realized that to be successful in attracting women, I had to start taking care of myself and sub-consciously show any potential dates that I could be the provider of their kids.

Remember these tips are not only used after securing a date, but also if you find yourself going out to a bar, club or even notice a female coworker giving off signs of affection towards you. These can be used to stand out over the rest no matter where you are.

Remember my ex girlfriend I mentioned above? Well, I met her at my work place!

I remember the day perfectly, she was a new employee that joined our team and I felt an instant attraction to her. I would like to say that she was giving off signs that she was into me and she definitely was, but looking back, I noticed that I started following the recommendations below. I started grooming better, dressing smarter, making sure I smelled good throughout the day and even started working out.

I am not sure exactly how to tell a female coworker likes you, but somehow I unconsciously knew right off the bat that I like her and convinced myself she like me. My body complied by making it clear to her I knew she liked me and I was determined to prove it to her (even if she didn’t know it yet). 😊

Of course, in time I started to notice all the signs she liked me, so I knew something was working. These signs included:

  • Approaching me not so subtly.
  • Catch her looking at me from a distance and instantly looking away.
  • Sits next to me at practically every office meeting.
  • Giving me a cute pet names.

But until this day I cannot tell you if she was the ones sending me the signals or if it was me that sent them her way and convinced her I was for her by following these grooming tips.

I have asked and she claims I did all the chasing :).

A New Beard & Grooming Ritual

You may have grown a beard and think that to impress the girls you’re going to have to shave it all off. But don’t despair, this is 2020 and women love some stubble that brings out a little bit of the bad boy in you.

Shaving using Kosher Machine

However, you are going to want to tame your beard and the trick in doing so is to scale back bushiness and straighten out the neckline using a Kosher shaver that gives you more control with less skin irritation.

Essentially you want to see straight symmetrical lines around your jaw area. This can also really help with your online dating profile if this is your scene, because online dating sucks for men, we do not quite have the same advantages as women when attracting a mate, so it is always best to do what you have to do to improve your chances of success!

Working Out and Trimming… Everywhere

Let’s be honest, the chances of getting lucky on your first encounter with a lady is slim to none, but it can happen. So you don’t want to get caught in that awkward situation.

Best be prepared and get that trimmer out to get everything downstairs looking its best. We are just looking for a nice well maintained clean look, nothing too over the top.

Just do it a couple of days ahead of time, but you if do trim on the same day, be sure to have a shower after because the hair goes everywhere and sticks to other parts of your body.

The idea is to look and feel clean to portray the best first impression possible. Hit the nail on the head right from the start and you are half way to success.

My New Dating Life

Whatever happens on a date, your mouth is going to be doing a lot of work during your meeting.
 However, you’re going to have to get through the date first to have a chance to see her again and you don’t want to blow that when greeting for the first time.

When you meet up, do you shake hands? Hug? Kiss on the cheek like they do in some European countries?

What ever you do, you are going to get close enough for her to get a whiff of any bad odours coming from your mouth during any of the three potential greeting methods… and if that happens, it’s very unlikely you’re going to recover.

So do everything you can to keep your mouth clean and take a few mints with you just to be on the safe side!

One again it is all about first impressions, do not forget that!

Frequently Asked Questions
What other lesser known grooming or male body tips have i been missing out on?

After taking a dump, first wipe once with toilet paper to clear the debris, then use a wet wipe to clean well, and finish off with toilet paper to dry and verify you squeaky clean bum.

Men of reddit what are some grooming tips you can give a young man?

- Electric Trimmer should be used, all over. You won't smell as bad with short armpit hair and your dick will look bigger with short pubes.

- Keep your fingernails and toenails short and clean, file them if necessary.

- Shower daily, use enough deodorant.

- Use hair removal cream on your ass. It will make cleaning it a lot easier and girls will prefer it.

- Oral health is very, very important.

- Trim your nose hair and ear hair if you have any.

- Keep your hair clean and neat.

If I think of anymore I'll add to this later.

Tips on reducing razor burn grooming etc?

I haven't needed to myself, but I hear miracle things about the safety razors. Add in a quality shave butter/cream.

There's even a subreddit dedicated to it.

r/wicked_edge if I'm remembering correctly. I'd go check them out.

The upfront cost can be expensive, but they're supposed to last for years.

Men of reddit what are your best grooming tips?

Get a real razor, safety razor or straight blade worlds of difference than disposables. And cheaper in the long term.

Tips and tricks for grooming?

When I hear the word grooming ,i think of my grandma's brood of toy poodles growing up, and that always brings to mind the guy with all the dogs in the movie "Moonstruck". Those crazy Italians with their doggies.

Coconut oil after a shower for those little bumps on your butt and thighs.

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