What A Man’s Living Space Reveals About Him To A Woman

I touched on how my ex Rebecca taught me a lot about women while she was redecorating my home.

It was both fascinating and scary at the same time to see someone add their personal touches to my home. It felt both invasive and beautiful, beautiful to see how my property was getting a face lift even though it was not fully to my taste.

This is when it dawned on me, it was not all about looks, color and design, but also tidiness and cleanliness… and if my magic, I started to understand Rebecca’s character better through her work on my house.

It got me thinking, this could be the key to attracting the right women into your life and to do it through the standard of your home… but the problem is that girls don’t just come to your home on a first or second date.

And that is when the solution hit me!

What To Talk About On A First Date

It is always awkward finding interesting topics to talk about on a first date. You know, those moments of silence that lag a little too long, only to say something stupid to fill the void!

So why not bring up some stuff about your home and mix it in the conversation… and that was exactly what I did!

talking to girls

In fact, I thought back about the things Rebecca worked on in my home and used those as subject matters during my dates to see if it would pique their interests. Essentially my plan was to try and get into their subconscious and a paint the perfect bachelor and his pad.

There were several things Rebecca did at my place and if she liked those things, then there’s a good chance that the women I was seeing would too!

Remember, to be confident in your approach, it’s important to tactically slip in these home improvement topics so the flow of conversation continues.

Don’t just start blurting out things randomly, because it will very much seem like you are only interested in yourself and how great you are at keeping your place in harmony… nothing is more off putting to a woman than a self-centred man.

Here are 3 things that Rebecca taught me by observing her:

Alluring Her Into Your Life Through Your Home

It goes without saying that if your apartment does smell fresh then your chances of attracting her into your life is minimal.

Your home is an extension of your, so dirty & smelly home means dirty, smelly boyfriend. However,   it is not all about smell. A property may not have a smelly odour but still feel un-fresh and the first place this is noticed is on the floor.

Inviting her back to your place

By curtsy she’ll likely remove her shoes and if she is to return home with black marks all over her shocks, then you’ve had it.

Make sure you keep your floors clean by adding a nice fresh smelling cleaning product like pine to accentuate the level of freshness.

Be the perfect bachelor and make her feel lucky she found you!

Detectives That Women Are

You want to show her you are available and she may suspect she isn’t yet exclusive to you, but that does not mean you should leave clues of other women around your home… and that means even the smallest of clues.

Cover your tracks and make sure you do a good job. This is one Rebecca told me she’d experienced with an ex and it is literally CSI stuff.

When said found clues of an other women she told him three words, improve swim technique, which was an other way of telling him he’d best run!

women looking for clues about her date

That’s right, a simple long strand of hair that does not match her’s. That is enough to put her off no matter how many times you tell her its your mum. Women are trained to detect signs of other women, it’s a survival mechanism!

Get the vacuum cleaner out and suck up all that dust and debris on the floor and coach!

But that’s not all, should your home give off the vibes of a bachelor pad she may instantly assume you are a bit of a player, and women do not really mind a little bit of that. However, we live in the 21st century and with instant access to potential partners through apps like Tinder and other hookup sites, she might draw the conclusion it is time to look at your phone to see if you are a real player.

My friend once told me he was on a date and after a great night ask her to join him for a night cap at his pad of which she complied. He went to say that she mentioned a few times that his place seemed to be a little bit of a pad and jokingly said:

“I bet you bring many ladies here?”

He brushed it off as a joke.

Interestingly, she then asked him to take down her telephone number and focused her eyes on his phone where by she noticed something judging by the reaction of her eyes. It then dawned on him she noticed the Tinder app on his phone. He told me the date continued but she seemed a little distant, detached and lacking interest and she eventually excused herself and left, never to hear from her again.

The double irony of it, my friend hadn’t used Tinder in years and although met some girls never hooked up with any of them. But this experience prompted him to try it again and even use the Tinder Boost service to expose his profile to more women within his area. What then happened blew his mind, he was matched with the same girl that blew him off for having Tinder on his phone. It was a sign that it was time to delete Tinder forever and until this day I joke by asking him when is the best time to boost on tinder, of which he replies “Never”.

Remember, there are always going to be double standards out there as people cannot face the facts about themselves and their beliefs (or at the very least not applying the same rules to them). So do not let that bother you or influence your actions negatively. My friend felt really bad and cheap about what happened and it turned out he really had no reason to.

What Art Can Tell A Woman About You

Art is subjective and there is no one rules stating that a bachelor cannot have bright and vibrant paintings in his pad…. women will not likely judge, but they will take notice of the types of pieces that decorate your walls or lack thereof.

Any paintings or pictures of kittens?

Frequently Asked Questions
How long should you be dating before getting married?

The answer... as long as it takes! For some, it might never happen however if you feel it's right for you to get married after X amount of time, then don't let other people tell you otherwise. While it's true that takes a minimum of a year to really get to know someone, it doesn't mean you're bound by any rules. Many people have successfully gotten married on a whim and have continued their relationship well into old age.

Anybody have a low success rate on getting a second date?

Typically you'll find that women that want a second date are those that enjoyed the first and see potential in a future relationship. Go out, have fun and improve your first date skills!

Are you getting your date a gift?

I don't usually get gifts for dates... wait until you're going out (or at the very least the second date) before you surprise her with something.

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