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Milling is the one of the oldest and most necessary craft's. At Bacheldre Watermill we use a blend of traditional skills and equipment with modern machinery to create a range of award winning Organic flours.


The grain is first cleaned in our refurbished 'Eureka scouring and separating machine' dating back to the late 1800's before it goes to the hopper above the stone.

The bottom stone is the bed stone which stays still and then the top stone known as the runner stone as this is the one that spin's.
The runner stone is carefully balanced and at approximately 4 feet wide and weighing nearly a ton, it is important that they are balanced correctly.


The carefully cut grooves and furrows ensure an even and consistent mill of the grain and ensures that it does not get clogged up in with flour.


See the mill in action
Served by a head
race above the wheel.
The lowest part of the
wheel is immersed in the
flow of the stream.
Served by a head race lower than the top of the wheel.